Georgia Fishing License

Around 1.29 million resident anglers fish Georgia’s diverse freshwater resources that include more than 4,000 miles of trout streams, 12,000 miles of warm water streams wider than 10 feet, and 500,000 acres of impoundments.  For more information about fishing in Georgia.

Florence Marina State Park

Florence Marina State Park is a 173 acre (0.70 km²) Georgia state park located near Omaha on the eastern shore of Walter F. George Lake. The park is known for its deep-water marina and its many water recreation sports, such as fishing and waterskiing. The park also attracts many bird-watchers hoping to catch a glimpse of herons, egrets, and possibly bald eagles. The park also plays home to the Kirbo Interpretive Center, which teaches visitors about Native Americans and displays snakes, turtles, fish, and other artifacts from prehistorictimes to the early 20th century.